Miracle E n A Creme

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Miracle E n A Creme
Brand: Cosmeceuticals International, Inc.
Product Code:MENA
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Price: $24.00

A superb treatment creme for all types of skin.

For: All Skin Types

Why: Has many uses. Excellent creme for sensitive, oily and dry skin day or night treatment. Good for light sunburns, windburns, irritations, blemishes, insect stings, bed sores, body sores, rashes, fungus skin problem, psoriasis, dry skin areas, rough elbows and heels, athlete's foot, warts, etc.

When: Apply to skin as often as needed.

How: Squeeze a small amount from the tube and apply to affected areas and be sure to use enough to solve the problem. In some cases you will apply several times a day for several days. Use your own judgment.

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