Botanical Facelifts

These Face Lifts are about changing faces around the world and making you look more youthful and radiant. Cosmeceuticals’ Natural Botanical Face Lifts and Skin Care System is the finest natural program that has ever been presented. The Lifts are not a mask and require no surgery. The System contains no abrasives, wax, alcohol, detergents, astringents, chemicals or fillers. We use only Natural ingredients including Aloe Vera, essential oils, JoJoba Beads, Kaolin Clay and plant derived MSM.

Application Demonstrations

The video above demostrates the professional application steps for the Liquid Lift.

The video above demostrates the professional application steps for the Esthetic Lift.

Application Instructions

The Five (5) Steps below are the Cleansing, Application, Drying, Removal, and Moisturizing Steps for BOTH the LIQUID LIFT AND the ESTHETIC FACE LIFT SET. The total process may take 25 to 40 minutes.

Before applying the lift, thoroughly cleanse the entire face and throat area with the Cosmeceuticals Cleansing Lotion or Cleansing Gel, whichever is appropriate for your skin type. Starting at the base of the throat, apply in an upward, outward motion covering entire face and throat. Remove by rinsing face and throat area with cool water and damp cloth. After removing the cleanser, apply a thin veil of Cosmeceuticals Day Moisture or Oil Control Day Moisture, whichever is appropriate for your skin type, over entire face and throat. Allow to remain on the skin for total moisturizing protection. 
NOTE: If wearing make-up, remove first with Cosmeceuticals Liquefying Cleanser. Follow with the Cleanser appropriate for your skin type.

Shake excess water off brush and dip brush into the Liquid Lift or the prepared Esthetic Lift, whichever you are using. Start application of the lift at the collar bone. Stroke up the jaw bone, covering entire throat and over behind the ears. Starting at center of the chin, stroke up and out along each side of the jaw line up to the temple area. Next take your brush with lift and stroke from the outside inward following the cheek bone. Now fill in entire cheek area in upward and outward motions. Follow the arrows as shown in the illustration. Stroke up the nose and forehead and between eyebrows. Always be sure that your brush has enough lift. Around the eye area, mouth and jaw line we usually need more lift as these areas are the very first to show signs of aging.

To get the ultimate results, we suggest that you lie down with your head back and your feet slightly elevated. Refrain from talking, moving about or smoking. RELAX---Direct your mind toward beautiful thoughts and experience the sensation of your LIQUID LIFT or ESTHETIC FACE LIFT at work. As the Lift begins to dry, it will produce a slight pulsating around the mouth area and sometimes around the eyes. This is an indication that your lift has started to work. You may see bubbles form in certain areas of the face and throat. We suggest that you let the lift remain on the face and throat area for 30 minutes, however if you cannot, then remove as soon as you feel the Lift is completely dry.

Apply Cleansing Lotion or Cleansing Gel over the face and throat area to soften either lift then wash with warm water. Pat dry. Apply Cosmeceuticals Oxidizing Therapy to oxidize and lubricate the skin. Your face will now feel wonderfully smooth and silky. 

To enhance your NEW face, apply Cosmeceuticals Toner, Serum, Firm-A-Gan and Moisturizer. 

Welcome to the more youthful, radiant you!

We recommend that you use the Lift of your choice a minimum of three times each week for the first month. After that you should use it once each week to maintain your firm, toned, younger looking skin.


(4 oz. bottle)


A Pre-Mixed Face Lift formulated with Aloe Vera, organic gums, Carrageenan, herbs and silk amino acids to give you visible results in minutes.

Have two small bowls. Put clean water in one and put a small amount of the Liquid Lift into the other bowl and put your clean brush into the water to soften.



Powerful, Three Part, Mix-Yourself Set

LIFT POWDER (4 oz jar)

A blend of Aloe Vera, vitamins, proteins and soothing herbs. This simple three step facial lift program aids in supplying the skin with cell-regenerating vitamins, amino acids and moisture.

LIFT ACTIVATOR (4 oz bottle)

A solution of organic Aloe Vera gel combined with the beneficial qualities of herbs, liquid collagen and silk amino acids to help hydrate the skin. Also excellent as a wipe for the skin


A blend of Aloe Vera oil, jojoba oil and vitamin E oil. These oils are extremely beneficial for the entire face, throat and eyes.

Mix two teaspoons of LIFT POWDER into a small glass bowl and gradually add 1.5 to 2 teaspoons of LIFT ACTIVATOR. Blend thoroughly until you obtain a smooth, creamy pancake mix consistency. Place the clean application brush in a small container of water in preparation for step 2, and set it aside before beginning the cleansing process at Step One.


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