Botanical Body Firming Combo

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Botanical Body Firming Combo
Brand: Cosmeceuticals International, Inc.
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Botanical Body Firming Combo

Botanical Bath Salts

(Dead Sea Salts)

A bath soak formulated to work in conjunction with our slimming gel. It stimulates the body’s energy mechanism and enhances the deletion of cellulite and unwanted inches from the body.  Helps to promote a healthier skin.

Application: Use twice a week in your bath.  Disperse half a capful into the bath water. Agitate water to ensure complete disbursement. Soak in the bath water for minimum of 10 minutes.

Botanical Body Firming Gel

A state-of-the-art gel formulated to slenderize, improve tone and reduce cellulite.

Application:  Apply to desired areas and massage with gentle circular motions for one minute.  Apply both in the morning and evening, preferably after bathing or showering.


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