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Firm-A-Gan Firm-A-Gan
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Designed for:  (All Skin Types)

Our Firm-A-Gan is formulated with 20% of the actives (botanical blend of three clinically proven peptides and hexapeptides) trade marked as TriAcculin™.  This is our Botox and Collagen Injection Alternative.  Natural line and wrinkle corrector containing multi-botanical blends that firm and revitalize the skin.

Method of use: Apply with fingertips over throat area, face and around eye area in the morning and evening.  For faster results apply after using the AccuFirm Serum™.

Key Ingredients: Stabilized Barbadensis Aloe Vera Gel, TriAcculin™, Silk, NAPCA, Glycosaminoglycans, Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamins A, C, and E, Essential oil of 1 Grapefruit.


The fantastic new skin care treatment that does what no injection of Botox or Collagen can do and it goes where they cannot go. Your Face Will Love You For It!

Compare Firm•A•Gan™ to Botox and Collagen injections

  • Reduction in wrinkles & fine lines without needles
  • Increased skin firmness
  • Increased skin moisture
  • Improved, healthier skin tone
  • Can be applied to places where the needle cannot
  • Can be used every day
  • Safe for all areas of the skin
  • Affordable and easy to use
  • Treatments that involve painful, invasive injections
  • Prescription requirements
  • Time consuming appointments with doctors
  • Bleeding, bruising, possible infection
  • Side effects like lumps and other allergic reactions
  • Weeks between injections while the effects diminish
  • Terrific expense

Recommendations for use:

Apply Firm•A•Gan™ over freshly cleaned face and neck every morning and evening. Always use a skin moisturizer after any skin treatment. Applying our AccuFirm Serum™ before Firm•A•Gan™ will produce even better results.

For help with droopy eyelids, bags under the eyes and sagging jaw lines we highly recommend our non-invasive Liquid Lift™ or our even-more-powerful Esthetic Face Lift Powder™ and Activator™. This will provide the “complete treatment” as shown in the Before and After photos.

Key Ingredients:

Aloe Vera gel, Triacculin™, NAPCA, MSM, Glycosomineglycans, Hyaluronic acid, Silk Amino acids, vitamins A, C & E and Botanical Extracts Blend.

Firm•A•Gan™ is a natural wrinkle and line corrector containing Triacculin ™ (a patented botanical blend) which gives immediate results. We are confident that this luscious feeling creme will start working instantly on lines and wrinkles and that you will be able to see immediate improvement.

After three days of morning and night time treatments you can expect to see even more “filling out” of wrinkles and lines.

After one week of morning and night time treatments your skin will feel as though it has been renewed and you will notice that it has increased in density, elasticity and firmness.

This fantastic natural product has a cumulative effect which, if used twice daily, will result in healthier skin and a more youthful looking you. Firm•A•Gan™ may be used on all skin types.

Visible results in as little as 30 minutes

The after photo above was taken after a complete treatment.
Photos are incapable of revealing the true and complete results of the treatment. The customer/model in the above photos stated that she was amazed at how much improvement there was, that her skin felt tremendously better and that she felt better all over. There is also an obvious improvement in the texture and “feel” of her skin which the photos do not reveal.
These BEFORE and AFTER images have not been retouched or enhanced in any way. The AFTER picture was taken about one hour later than the BEFORE picture. Notice the changes in jaw line, cheeks, lines around eyes, bags under eyes. sagging eyelids and the scar on her jaw.

Comments from some who are using Firm•A•Gan™:

“I was a professional make-up artist for over twenty years with Saks Fifth Avenue, Dillards and other leading department stores representing Lancome, Charles of the Ritz, Clarins and many other leading brands. I have never had the immediate and lasting results that I am experiencing with Cosmeceuticals Skin Care Products. They are the best!”
—C. L. from Texas

“After one treatment I looked and felt young again.”
—S.W. from KY)

“I looked at my skin with a magnifier during the application and I could literally see lines filling out.”
— C. S. from IL)

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