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After Bath Spray Mist Body Oil
A light natural oil that absorbs quickly, drenching the skin with natural moisturizers. Why: To soothe and soften skin. When: After bathing, spray the light oil over the body, legs, and arms and
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Botanical Bath & Body Set
Botanical Bath and Body Set includes: Slimming Firming Body Gel Botanical Bath Soak After Glo Exfoliating Bath Gel After Bath Spray Mist Whisper of Silk Hand & Body Lotion
Botanical Bath Salts (Dead Sea Salts)
A bath soak formulated to work in conjunction with the slimming gel. It stimulates the body’s energy mechanism and enhances the deletion of cellulite and unwanted inches from the body. Why: Helps
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Botanical Body Firming Combo
Botanical Body Firming Combo Botanical Bath Salts (Dead Sea Salts) A bath soak formulated to work in conjunction with our slimming gel. It stimulates the body’s energy
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Botanical Slimming Body Firming Gel
A state-of-the-art gel formulated to slenderize, improve tone and reduce cellulite. Why: To help transfer the irregular body contour to a noticeable slimmer shape and reduce cellulite. When:
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Exfoliating Bath Gel
After Glo Bath Gel This exciting exfoliating gel leaves your body feeling satiny, vibrant and alive. Each ingredient has been selected to improve tone and skin texture. Enjoy the experience of
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Firming Breast Gel
A gel formulated with plant extracts to firm and lift the breast. Why: To lift, firm, and strengthen breast tissue. How: Apply gel with finger tips to clean dry breast tissue, preferably after a
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Miracle Aloe Vera Aid
Designed for soothing relief to minor burns, sunburn, minor cuts, abrasions, itching caused by poison ivy poison oak and insect bites. A MUST TO USE AFTER MICRO-DERMA-ABRASION. Why: To give
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Miracle E n A Creme
A superb treatment creme for all types of skin. For: All Skin Types Why: Has many uses. Excellent creme for sensitive, oily and dry skin day or night treatment. Good for light sunburns,
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Natural Aloe Vera Juice 1:1
People love our blends of pure and potent Aloe Vera juice that Certified Organic Leaves grown in the fertile Rio Grande Valley of Texas. Our formulas contain naturally occurring aloe
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Whisper of Silk Hand & Body Lotion
A luxurious soft and light botanical hand and body lotion. Why: To help create a proper moisture balance all over your body and hands. When: Use every time you bathe or anytime during the day
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Wild Yam Creme
A natural progesterone made from Wild Yam. Why: To relieve stressful hot flashes, mood swings, calms nerves, relieves muscle cramps and headaches. Relieve menstruation cramps and ovarian pain,
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